segunda-feira, 18 de setembro de 2017

You do not have to love me

leonard cohen | bird on the wire

You do not have to love me
just because
you are all the women
I have ever wanted
I was born to follow you
every night
while I am still
the many men who love you

I meet you at a table
I take your fist between my hands
in a solemn taxi
I wake up alone
my hand on your absense
in Hotel Discipline

I wrote all these songs for you
I burned red and black candles
shaped like a man and a woman
I married the smoke
of two pyramids of sandalwood
I prayed for you
I prayed that you would love me
and that you would not love me

Leonard Cohen 

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Eros disse...

Mais do que um can(tau)tor... Enorme Poeta!